OpenID Connect support for PIC-SURE and i2b2 and Hail via Livy


Dear community,

I wanted to share two sets of interesting developments on PIC-SURE, i2b2, MedCo and Glowing Bear we have recently made and are, as usual, offering back to the mainline.

I’ve split my message in parts, because I ran into limits of this board that a new user is only allowed 2 links and 1 image per post.

Glowing Bear on i2b2/MedCo via PIC-SURE: OpenID Connect, JWT, CORS

In our effort where we made the Glowing Bear user interface also work on i2b2 and MedCo via PIC-SURE:

More information on the OpenID setup below:

Credits: Mickaël Misbach, The Hyve/EPFL


Glowing Bear for scalable genomics: Hail via Livy on PIC-SURE

In the effort where we are making cohort selection on whole genome sequencing data in Hail possible in Glowing Bear:

Status overview (note is now actually called

Credits: Denise Kersjes & Jeremy Georges-Filteau, The Hyve

We are looking forward to the soon to be released PIC-SURE 2 and hope the upgrade process for these changes will be straightforward. Please let me know if there are any questions on these developments.

Best regards,

Ward Weistra
The Hyve

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